Online slot machines such as those on bestonline-casino work quite similarly to those which you see in the land based casinos. You can play online slots for just plain fun or for hard cash.

Kinds of slots

Classic slots are very easy to play and have very few game rules. Most new players prefer these games over video slots. However, the winning opportunities are limited in classic slots machines. Continue reading this guide.

In contrast, video slots have more elaborate rules, different themes, storylines, etc. Each game has a great animation, sound effects, etc. and has a complicated set of rules to win the game. Most video slots are highly entertaining.

Online slots and their symbols

Classic slots are marked by symbols like bars, bells, 7s, candies, etc. Some of these are high value, and you win money when you land a winning commination. Video slots have different kinds of symbols.

Video slots and their symbols

The low value symbols are typically the top cards of the suite such as Ace, Ten, Jack, King and Queen. High value symbols vary from one game to another and depend upon the video slot's theme and storyline.


Online slots special symbols

Some video slots have special symbols like Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers. These symbols increase your chances of winning money dramatically. Wilds substitute for the missing symbols in a winning combination. There are several kinds of Wilds.

Scatter and Multipliers

Scatters are symbols that trigger bonus rounds and uncover other features of your video slot. These symbols can appear randomly on your game screen. Multipliers can multiply your base game earnings several times like x2, x3 or even x1000.

Slot RTP and variance

Every video slot has a Return to Player percentage. This metric tells us about that slot's profitability. For example, an online slot having a 98% RTP can return 98% of your investment over a period.

A slot having high variance can make you immensely rich or poor in a very short period. On the other hand, slots having low/ medium volatility give small amounts of money over a long period. These games require patience.

Are online slots fair?

Slots on licensed casinos are fair. The results of these games are completely random and cannot be influenced by hackers. Online slots are run by Random Number Generators which are complex computer programs that are objective and fair.

Importance of licensed casinos

Gamblers trust licensed online casinos more than the unlicensed ones. The former follow several rules and regulations regarding transparency, fairness, and payouts. If you haven't played on a a real money slot before, play it only on licensed casinos.